Grove’s Gateway Thesis

Special thanks to Gabi, Olshansky and Arthur for their feedback TLDR; Hundreds of centralized RPC providers have reinvented the wheel with their infrastructure Grove will be open sourcing our core gateway and quality of service logic that has served hundreds of billions of requests This will accelerate expansion into new interfaces supported by POKT outside Grove’s Gateway Thesis

Three Truths

I have three truths that I lean on, which guide the direction we’re building Grove and shape my perspective on POKT Network. The three truths are as follows: Most of the world’s digital commerce will be coordinated by or settled on blockchains. The future is multi-chain across both L1’s and L2’s. The proliferation of middleware Three Truths

On Tornado Cash

Pocket Network was designed to be the most censorship-resistant, reliable, and performant RPC infrastructure provider in the world.  As of Q1 2021, we were relaying only 2-4m RPC calls per day. We realized we needed to find ways to grow the protocol. To improve the UX of using Pocket, we opted to build the Portal, On Tornado Cash

Some thoughts on the market

Our multichain thesis seems to be playing out before our very eyes. We’ve seen a trend of alternative L1s and L2s gain legitimate developer and user traction outside of the well-established Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. See, for example, the growing adoption of EVM across many different chains, the steady maturation of the Cosmos ecosystem, the Some thoughts on the market